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Bakewell General Trading LLC aspires to advance the value, wealth and happiness of all its trades, so eye-catching the most favorite food and beverage brand in every country it works in.


Becoming the most preferred food and beverage brand is to be realized by impact top-quality, value-for-money imports, made promising through the following steps:

Step 1 :           Aggressive obtaining of excellence goods.

Step 2 :           Wounding disorganizations in the supply chain.

Step 3 :           Passing on resultant cost investments to customers.

Step 4 :           Approving products are offered on as many shelves as possible.

Step 5 :           Continuously building our brand appeal so customers can associate to the brand and derive maximum enjoyment.

The benefits are as follows:

Value for our Customers    :           Excellence products that ensure maximum value for money.

 Value for our Vendors       :           Increasing brand value that will translate into more revenues.

Fair Business                       :           We are fair to all parties’ trade with us.

Customer Satisfaction        :           We are dedicated to supplying what we promise.

Sense of Ownership           :           We create the right environment to boost business spirit within the organization.

Cultural Understanding & Inclusion        : We are cognizant of the multi-cultural geographies we operate in and delight all with equal respect thereby providing equal platform for involvement.